Day 30 – How to water Air Pots / Super Roots – From Seed to Harvest – Autoflower – Advanced Nutrient

Day 30 —— Temp : 24-26C RH : 60 Light : 75% @ 60cm for 18h (average of 30.000 LUX) Water : 300ml of nutrient mix three times a day EC : 1.3 Video update …


  1. Yellow tips, check Coco pH run off. I'm betting it's out of range!
    Suggestion on your humidifier, measure the big hole and buy pvc elbow with a short straight pipe. Keep it as large as exhaust and short…. you shouldn't have any issues. If you want it higher use a table or build a stand to pump it into a high hole. Your going to need to go high any ways…. The girls will start getting tall in the next 3 weeks.

  2. my friend nobody said that supercropping an auto cannot happen. you are just delaying her growth and flowring will catch up with her without her beeing fully developed

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