1. I now know why you water so much, you are doing Coco perlite. So basically, hydroponic median. I tried it out as well and got tired of watering, time dripper!
    I now use 3x3x3 Rockwell with Coco perlite and water every other day. I discovered that Rockwell cubes raised above half inch above water in propagator dome with heating pad at 80F gave awesome results (seedlings). Presoak using small dose of Vodoo, bloom and Cal Mag really did work better than fertilizer and grow. After some research, roots love potassium more than nitrogen.
    You won't believe how much faster they grow, give it a try on next grow….. Side by side…. You will shit! Also my root system was dam near 2x larger, after harvest in washed the roots off and compared. So, yeah, I do Rockwell and Coco pearlite. I have noticed that seedlings love a very humid environment 5 to 7 days (no watering cubes because the presoak and humidity keeps them perfect) propagation T5 lighting then I plant in 5 gal fabric pots presoak Coco or Rockwell will be sucked dry quickly and baby girl is stressed. It's not a transplant because the roots haven't gotten that far! So it's almost a continuous grow. I didn't realize it but I also use 72 degree water on seedlings/baby girls ( don't want to shock roots).
    I really enjoy your videos and was only sharing what I have learned in the past 5 years.

  2. You could have long pvc pipe to bring the humidity in , another way is to have it sucked in by a inlet fan or sucked in through inlet vents by the extractor fan

  3. Accidentally broke my main cola yesterday I feel ya man! 🙁 I'm a new grower is it normal to get breakage this often, I swear I was gentle lol

  4. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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