David Plouffe: How To Beat Donald Trump

David Plouffe is one of the leading Democratic political strategists around. He led Barack Obama to victory in 2008 and remains one of his most trusted advisers.


  1. The DNC shot itself in the foot when they rigged the 2020 primaries for #RapistBiden. Biden ENSURES Trump's 2nd term, the DNC is NOT democratic, it no longer represents the working class, it's a republican hijacking, these "corporate dems" are DINO, they are truly republicans wearing a false label. This is why the country is in despair & if we thought 2016 was a rigged joke of an election, get ready for round two. The DNC is criminal & should be held accountable for election fraud across the country, both in 2016 & 2020.

  2. Why is Biden so behind in funding? It’s hard to believe all the big money is behind Trump. Where is Bloomberg? Is Biden asking for individual contributions as the Bernie campaign did? Sounds like he doesn’t he have a good organization.

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