Dank Vapes- Northern lights Review🌌💣#realdanksonly #dankvapes #cartridge

Was up guys here’s the new danks with the holographic box enjoy and stay tuned ‼️‼️ also don’t forget to Like and Subscribe …


  1. Yo thanks much love for the review! so much hate on danks dem fuckin haters trying make dank vapes look bad! moving foRward dem DANKS 🔥 the review help take stress off smoking legit danks, Yes i know how test my carts. Hopefully my plug here in teXas gets the northern light looks fire🔥 just got chem dOg also fire!!!

  2. its dank vapes packaging with empty cart, filled with the house blend oil from that particular dispensary in cali. the oil from that dispo may be very good, but it can not be representative of other dank vape packaged carts who were filled with a different oil by someone unknown. Dank vapes does not produce and manufacture thc oil

  3. Na…..dispensaries have a sticker with batch numbers for safety. Dank vapes are fake. If they were real they would be sued for copyright infringement for the Smurf and grape ape imaging. Anyone can buy empty carts and packaging and fill it with whatever you want. People are dying from this so please be responsible. Dank are fake!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dank vapes are real but their is a lot of fakes also yall on crack for paying 30 for a dank that shit worth 15-25 and heavys are worth 30-35 not 70 lmaoooo

  5. I was gonna get one of these today! The high is 10 -10!! ? How were u feeling ! Were u tired? Or did it give u like a rush! Were u could enjoy your high! And go out and kick it ! And get shit done??

  6. Ya garbage ones, you gotta find legit places. It’s difficult, you have to talk with them, and make sure they know what there talking about. Just cuz it says dispensary, doesn’t mean anything.

  7. Aye bro I do reviews to. All vapes started in a dispensary to be real. Fuck what a hater think. Keep it up bro. all dispensaries don't have to be lab tested.

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