"Creating a Thriving Rhizosphere" Panel at Cannacon Seattle 2019

Colin Bell, Mammoth Microbes – Jade Stefano, Puffin Farm – Tad Hussey, KIS Organics – Shango Los, Shaping Fire discuss some strategies to increase the life …


  1. Shango thank you for the channel. I've been thinking about setting one up to display some things I'm doing and I was shocked after seeing how low the interest is in actually growing weed. Millions of views for crazy dab hits but those that bring the magic are left in the shadows. Perhaps we are the chosen few…..thank you brother for the hard work. My channel is going up this week.

  2. Crops should always be rotated, every grow depletes the soil of certain nutrients and the soil needs to be remediated over time b-4 it is replanted.

  3. I've been absolutely binging on the wealth of knowledge Tad Hussey has on his website, and I encourage anyone unfamiliar with him to go check his site and podcast. Grateful for the quality content Shango 🙂

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