Crafty+ Plus Vaporizer Review 2020 – How to Use the Crafty+ Plus and is it better than the Mighty?

We are going to review the new Crafty plus, as always available on our site at or in store in Toronto, on …


  1. I've had 5 craftys in a year! Defective from the start and that's what they wanted! They want our money and want us all coming back each year to upgrade! Paying top dollar you should get nothing but quality and consistency with your vaporizer! Instead of pumping out the "Crappy" for years with no improvement! Oh wait they did put a sticker on the box the last couple years that claims it had 20% more battery life! Which it didn't at all! I've had 5 craftys in a year! Each replaced by Storz&Bickel. You think they would replace the 5th one with the new Crappy plus+ but the assholes sent me the same older model just like the last 4!!!! Talk about corporate GREED. Guess what?! My "new" crafty I just received from Storz and Bickel for the 5th time is defective! 🤣😂 I laugh because it's unreal a top tier company is so slimy 🤷🏻‍♂️ I guess that how they got to where they are. Buy the Arizer Argo with its interchangeable battery it shits on all Storz and Bickel devices! Stay away they also ship out repaired warranty devices as "New". Shady pricks.

  2. Here's iOS App workaround:
    Download bluefy, it's a browser that supports web bluetooth(neither safari nor chrome currently do)
    Open app and go to: "", connect your device
    Tested and confirmed working about 10 minutes before I posted this.

    Also note I could not get the old app to connect to my Crafty+ as it appeared to just be running into that issue it always has where it randomly rejects your serial number. The web app didn't even ask me for a serial number.
    Please feel free to spread this information if you think it's helpful.

    S&B it is not cool that you removed the loading tool, this is not a cheap product so don't fucking cheap out on a bit of plastic that must barely impact your profit margins whatsoever. At least the one good thing about a vapcap is the cap loads bowls pretty well lol.

  3. Should I still get the Crafty+ if I am an iPhone user? Apple had removed all of their vaping apps including this, so how can I control the temp settings and run times etc? Can these be set via a computer instead of through the phone app? I want the Crafty+ but when buying a premium product such as this, I don’t want to miss out on all of the features available to it

  4. The Crafty+ looks like a cash grab.
    All the accessories previously included, including REQUIRED ones, are missing.
    No cleaning brush, no charger, no filling tool etc.
    No USB-C charging, still the old MicroUSB, so it will take hours to charge.
    Also some people are complaining that the new faster heater compromises the vapour flavor.
    I would still go with the Original Crafty for a new buy.

  5. Getting the Crafty+ over the Mighty because of the USB charging and smaller unit. I have loads of power packs so technically longer battery life than the Mighty when on the go 🙂

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