1. Peer review is one of the problems with traditional Western medicine, which is more concerned with following protocols, "standard of care," and avoiding lawsuits, than anything else.

  2. Natural medicine is real! My cancer was cured by taking vitamin c, flint stones chewable vitamins and fermented pickles! I meditated the cancer away too! I made sure it stayed away by visiting a voodoo witch doctor who summoned anti cancer spirits and I breathed them into my body! I AM NOW CURED! DOCTORS AND MEDICINE IS BAD AND IF ANYONE GOT BETTER AFTER GOING TO A DOCTOR THEY ARE LYING!

  3. We love coming here. The staff is amazing. It's so great to see my dad heal and have a chance compared to his previous doctor saying his cancer had no cure. If you care about your life and the life of your friends or family please look into this.

  4. what does she suggest we do for energy, as far as living and working 20 hours a day?? Cause regular food most certainly is of no use. You rely on sugary diet to get you going in the morning and keep you going for 12-16 hours a day full speed, otherwise you won't make in this world.

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