Coco vs Soil – Marijuana Grow Comparison – We did not expect such a big difference!!!

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  2. I'm sorry but I've grown using fox farm ocean forest for over 10yrs. My hydro produces 2x the amount with zero complications and zero deficiencies. Fox farm is for beginners. Clean your drain pans fyi. No disrespect.

  3. Led poisoning from the lights is what I call the red stems if you move it to a hps light it goes away too some strains get led poisoning has no affect on the plant

  4. Have you done a comparison on breaking up the root ball and not breaking it on root bound plants?? I dont like to break up the root ball it seems to much for me. If you haven't you could also try soaking the root ball in water to let them loosen naturally. You would pull the plant out of it's one gallon and soak for a little bit while preparing the next size pot. I would like to see the difference but with 3 plant max for some places. Might sound silly but about how tall or maybe a number of nods are your plants when you take them from veg to flower? As well as when they finish?

  5. what a waste. they should be twice the size and not be as anemic. the solution? fabric pots. oh and dont wait as long as this? the plant in the coco shouldve been transplanted two weeks earlier than he did. and if you dont know, topping your plant would make them much fuller

  6. If you where to just water them with plain water with right oh the soil one will grow all the way but the coco one would not because soil carries calcium and magnesium etc… when the coco has no nutrients so feeding them the same is really not feeding them the same you fell me

  7. great experiment, real useful to see.

    objectively the pot in soil is getting more nutrients/ferts due to the nutrients that came with the soil.

    quote from advancednutrients dot com
    "Can lock out calcium, magnesium and iron: Because of its high cation exchange rate, coco coir stores and releases nutrients as needed, but it tends to hold calcium, magnesium and iron. This means you’ll need use specific coco coir nutrients to boost Ca, Mg and Fe levels for healthy crops."

    not sure if this grow is still going but would love to see how extra calcium, magnesium and iron ferts ( the the right nutes/ph to unlock said nutes) would bring up the coco coir grow.

    either way would love to see the same experiment on a new grow with extra needed nutes on coco coir

    would also be interesting to see soil/coco test to see levels of nutrients

    keep at it 😉

  8. This is a good comparison but what I would like to know is what kind of Coco you started with in the first place because some Coco is extremely salty and will cause lock out. I used to use ocean forest with great results and then I switched to good brand name Cocoa and had explosive results. It just depends on the Coco you're using

  9. Red petioles, IV heard can be an indication of Phosphorus lacking. Which I do hear can be influenced by CalMag or Calcium issues. But Phosphorus was the thing I was expecting to hear mentioned.
    And something to consider experimenting with to reduce that redness.

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