1. The old man, his excitement for growing is precious. He’s making up for the last 60 years of horticultural oppression by the fed.

  2. I guess that would be the trick wouldn't it find the species of Ruderalis that grows the biggest and then cross that with your best strain.

  3. Happy pheno hunting and blending good luck hey guys what's the availability of pure Ruderalis seeds??? I would imagine there would be a few species and be a few subspecies there would be ones on the smaller side of things and happy ones on the biggest side of things from different regions of Russia.

  4. Hey guys can you blend up a giant auto flower that produces 2 kilos of sticky tropical fruit flavoured Chunky colas in 8 weeks from start to finish if you can design that I will definitely buy some bean's from your good selves 😋

  5. Older and wiser you know a female when you see one
    🙂 lol that's a heck of a smile when you see them. Also I want to watch trailer park boys to see bubbles lol

  6. Beautiful!! But why in the world do you have a male next to your baby girls? Aren't you afraid he will impregnate the girls and ruin them? Cheese & rice!! Get him away from the girls!!

  7. Did you say too much too soon? What did you mean by that? Did you mean you had too much light intensity or heat? By the way love you're growing together father and son.

  8. Mothers,stronger veg lights cut vegtime75% i cuda told ya pre flowers month b4 this and y not sex em with dark when smaller n get tfin males outta there n run moms lol save time and $ mayb get off speed brotha lol

  9. Thanks for trying to take teach us but we couldn’t nothing I couldn’t even see any hairs coming out of the females I could see the balls on the Miles you might need A magnifier or something just giving you some constructive criticism thanks for the video guys keep up the good work

  10. If you leave your plants in total darkness for 36hrs you will see sex even quicker then what your doing now. Then you can determine which plants you will or won't keep.

  11. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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