Charlize Theron Swears Seth Rogen Turns Into Einstein When He Smokes Weed

Charlize Theron chats with Jimmy about her daughter mysteriously learning martial arts, teaming up with Seth Rogen for their rom-com Long Shot and why she …


  1. Im sorry, I know not everyones the same. But when I was in high shcool and I didnt smoke and all my friends did it drove me FCKN CRAZY when they talked and acted like everything each other said was the most brilliant thing. And Im just sitting there like, "STFU you all sound like idiots." Its my biggest pet peeves with the drug, where people think theyre on another level of thought. ffs. Can it enlighten some people? Sure, but I think the majority are just idiots.

  2. Well there ya go, my model or ideal of a 'perfect woman' is the one that comes to me and begs me to have a hit and she thinks I'm a fukin genuis XDD W O W !! In what world would that be XD Those two are amazing

  3. I've had plenty of friends who smoked dope and the effect is quite the opposite. In fact for some, it has ruined their lives. The glorification of smoking marijuana is wrong and rather shallow. Maybe she was passive smoking.

  4. haha funny about the actually, when my best friend's girl was 5 she showed me some homework (more like a coloring book but anyway) it had pictures of amphibians and when I pointed at one of them and called it an amphibian she said "Actually George, that's a frog"

  5. It is probably true, I have trouble concentrating unless I have had a little weed. Obviously there is a delicate line that once you cross it you are just stoned, but I am a better worker and thinker and feel less pain when I have used a little pot.
    I know why it is Illegal.
    Because it is free, or at least it should be. It grows literally everywhere. It is easy to cultivate and it enriches the soil. Sigh, I hate my government.

  6. She should never go for dark hair colors. They make her look older than her years and accentuate the sternness in her face. She is still quite beautiful but, as she aged, she seems to have this malevolent dark witchy vibe about her,m. When she first started out in the business, she was a gorgeous innocent young woman.

  7. Most "potheads" either stay the same or perform a little better when they smoke….most of you lighweights get dumb as fu..! When you smoke which is very entertaining for us potheads…keep it up lightweights!

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