1. Rock on I didn't know Nathan 420 is your son I thought I told you way before I found him on one of my older channels I appreciate the contact y'all give me and the lessons I need do no thank you I'm a super fan of both of y'all I enjoyed your videos when I'm down and out the videos make me happy when I watch them you make me excited when you get props for being so far the prettiest mom I seen that's a compliment

  2. i'm with you , mom 420 , for your promotion of the cbd/thc combo. just this past month i made
    the discovery , by accident. adding the 190 extract ( about 100 mg) from some homw-grown
    harlequin to a bowl of warm breakfast food.
    as the means to be begin dosing myself with cbd i knew was in it. for a variety of ailments.

    4 years earlier the mother plant tested lots of cbd ( about 20%) and < 0.5% thc.
    unknown now what the conc's are. but lo and behold sev'l hr's later a 'stoned' effect arose.
    lasted for a few hr's. and the best part was the quality of the stone. calm , smooth, expansive
    w/o any sharp edges to it. its the sort of stone i wish was all i'd ever known.

    further experimenting is ongoing. and the idea to seek out other combo users
    is what led me to find this vid of yours.

    some true hemp was grown too last summer. and will yet learn if the heat of aug & sept
    raised its thc levels enough to stone at a 100 mg dose. i hope not, as much as
    the combo is enjoyed i dont want to be stoned every day. just dosed daily w/ cbd for sure
    and a thc level low enough to not make itself known

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