CBD Oil Comparison: Hemplucid vs Lazarus Naturals

My personal experience with two CBD brands, as well as some general tips if you’re looking to buy CBD for yourself. Read more at


  1. I've tried the Sunsoil 20 mg/1mL cinnamon flavor. It's pretty good. I recently bought the Lazarus hi-potency (50 mg/1mL) french vanilla flavor. When holding it under the tongue, I try to hold it as long as possible, sometimes in excess of 2 minutes. I start noticing effects about 30 minutes in. If you're a first time customer at Lazarus, you can use a "coupon" and it knocks off quite a bit (20% off). Just google it. 🙂
    And you're definitely right. AVOID Amazon. It's best to buy straight from the manufacturers of said CBD product.

  2. How many mg in the high potency bottle? Did you know Hemplucid has a 1000, 1500, and a 2000mg potency? They also have a 75mg gel cap that is a better price point than the 2000mg tincture. If you really want max absorption, try the water soluble. I just seems like you're comparing apples to oranges since you took a low potency and compared it to a high potency.

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