CBD Oil Assists People Struggling with Essential Tremors

Hear how CBD oil assisted my son with his essential tremors. 1. He isn’t shaking as much while he eats. 2. He is speaking slower and in more complete …


  1. Unfortunately I don't trust companies that say free samples but then charge $11.95 s/h. I ,may be wrong but I believe they are making a profit on the s/h which makes the samples not free..

  2. Hi , I have essential tremors I find it most noticeable in my hands I live in the UK and I am finding it difficult to buy the hemp Worx product of cbd oil which people on YouTube do seem to have had a good result within minutes of applying it under the tongue. Are you able to advice me where I can buy this product?. I have tried other cbd oils used under my tongue and rubbed on my hands ,nothing has given me any relief from the tremors, any help would be greatly appreciated Thank you

  3. I use full spectrum CBD for tremors and anxiety. I have essential tremors that make it hard to eat with utensils sometimes, specifically soup and rice. Also, carrying a cup of coffee across the hotel lobby at a continental breakfast….. omg. I shake, then people watch, then I shake more…. vicious cycle. Anyways, I have noticed a major difference with the CBD, I have been able to eat with CHOPSTICKS recently!!!!! <3

  4. I also have little tremors, but only while i tense my muscles or moving my hands/fingers, i will going to try cbd oil or smoking it and i hope this help, even 25% less tremors will make me happy because like i said it's not really big tremors.
    Sorry for my bad english but i'm from Poland
    Thank You for this video

  5. I live in Florida and I had a malpractice and I died for 45 minutes and they did CPR and once I came back I had a grand mal seizures that left with tremors 24/7 plus I lost my motor skills from the waist down and rehabilitation has help but the tremors annoys me and the malpractice happened in 2016 and we are in 2019 and slowly getting better but still ☹

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