1. Hey I remember you with the panic attacks I still have those also but I’m using CBD oil and a Vape and it really helps are you still using it

  2. Oh I love banana flavour too! I take AURA natural health organics 5% CBD Oil , two drops under tongue , sit for few minutes , can take morning and evening or when get used to it a little more xxxxxxxx

  3. Cbd is just a tool and not a miracle cure. Dry herb vapes are better(like an hr fury or arizer argo), and just buy the flower online from tweedle farms (for example). The best way to remedy anxiety is to get proper sleep, est right, eat cleaner. Green smoothies daily have amazing as well, would highly recommend!

  4. I use Charlottes Web CBD oil (Mint Choc flavor) extra strength, and put it directly under my tongue for about 3 mins. Then wash it down with water followed by a piece of chocolate. I do this about twice a day, half of the dropper. Been doing this for a few months or so, I find that it helps BIG TIME with my anxiety headaches and my back pain. I almost don't need to take my excedrin hardly at all. With the anxiety itself, I feel like it has helped out a little but I can't say that my anxiety has gone away. I noticed in the beginning that it helped with the physical anxiety but not the negative thoughts or the anxiety itself which I think is stored in the brain. So, not sure how to combat that but I like that it has taken away the sweating and the nervous feeling when my anxiety does go up. I had anxiety pretty severe so this is just a stepping stone for me to helping cope with it daily. I do take a multi vitamin in the morning as well. But, all of this gets triggered by my driving. I have horrible driving anxiety so I still struggle with that and I also get dizzy when I'm at a store. So, I think anxiety is all in our heads, lol. I don't know.

    I tried vaping cbd oil as well, I think it was last year and it made me cough a lot and it left a horrible taste in my mouth. I also tried the pill version of cbd and it was gross because I ended up burping it up for hours, gross! Anywho. I hope you guys reading this are doing great and finding natural ways to fight your anxiety. I have been trying for years so I feel your pain.

  5. What brand? What exactly do you have? Does it make you high? And does it also help with pain and energy? Does vaping it make you cough or effect you're lungs at all? Thank you!

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