1. Super video.
    I have seen where some people purchase what is called "Garden Paper" for weed control. Comes in rolls of 3' X 100'.
    Is this just as effective a cardboard?
    Do the worms treat it as they would cardboard?

  2. do you have the straw dug out with compost, or did you just start the squash on the straw and let it grow?? Also, I just seen a girl using a pallet on a 45 slant to get the squash to grow upwards…cool ideas both of you thanks…I just laid a 10×16 section of cardboard and burt leaves/and mold leaves. We'll see how things go…I seen the one guy doing cardboard in Mass…good deal

  3. Hi I sent a Kiss and thumbs up for you when your video started. I did exactly what you said just yesterday before watching your vid..

  4. I add compost on top to hold down the cardboard during high winds and to also speed the breakdown of the cardboard.

  5. I understand that the grass under the cardboard dies. But, dead grass doesn't disappear. Don't you still have to go back and dig it out of the ground?

  6. If the glue is not so toxic, that you have earthworms under it, then I personally have no problem with using it.

  7. Lucky you. Where I live the wind would take the cardboard as soon as it left my hand, even on a quiet day… Its so windy here even the carrots are struggling to hold on! 😉

  8. Old newspaper works very well if you use mulitple sheets and then wet it down. But like the cardboard that has glue, the newspaper has ink that ends up in the garden.

  9. Hi. I would like to know how you plant your seeds? Do you plant into the hay? Do you move it away and plant? I sheet mulched my garden and planted seeds right through the hay but it is dismal. Not growing. Help?

  10. Like!! I blog quite often and I genuinely thank you for your information. The article has truly peaked my interest.

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