1. NUGS. CANNABIS STRATEGIC VENTURES California based company that is currently harvesting its own crop this quarter. California has the strictest stay at home orders in the nation. Plus record high unemployment. The perfect storm

  2. Nice playing at the end Dan. I’m a pro guitarist and have been following your channel learning how to trade. Much appreciation and thanks for sharing all that you do.

  3. To bad S&P futures are getting decimated over night. 2919 just went buy wow. MJ looks like its in favor i havent been trading it for a while just a few CGC and ACB trades the past week or so. Might have to concentrate on this sector a little more again.

  4. Wow what a sell off that was lool….. Absolutely your best video this year Dan! Happy to finally make some serious $ in the MJ sector again!
    Swing trading TLRY today, probably have to locking that profit tmr morning,so wanna hold through cgc earning and try to gamble a little Bit, but like u said, we still In a monthly downtrend. U sir have a great weekend

  5. So nice to see this sector running again i grabbed a daily higher low position on cron currently up 15 percent (for lt swing.) Catalysts are far away but i think this is finally the bottom (2 yrs of pain all it took)

  6. You used the word "hit" too many times while talking about marijuana stocks… Is there something we need to know?

  7. Great update, Dan. What instrument is that, btw? Is it Japanese? How'd you learn to play it? It was beautiful

  8. Short term I'll be looking for a bearish entry off this COVID cure news, but it is nice to see the pick up in MJ stocks. I havent been looking to trade them in a while

  9. That "headline" on possible cannabis coronavirus prevention is "old news", you can't be serious people are only now reacting to that… even if it is a "pump"

  10. lol what a joke. 2 strains out of thousands MAY relieve some symptoms. so many new bag holders will be born 🤣🤣🖕

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