1. Very informative and helpful. Being stoned, i found it kind of laber-intensive to read and simultaniously study the pictures. It all happened so fast. Voiceover or something? Or watch again. Highly appreceiated.

  2. In an aero flow hydro system , when the roots hits the bottom of the containers should i drop down the water level to the lowest or keep half the tubes filled with water ?

  3. My 8 day old plant it having issues. Idk why. Just the new second set of leaves are curling down. The other leaves are big and normal looking. Seems like everything causes the leaves to curl down 😭😭

  4. Overwatering is my specialty, the leaves droop but the stems are still pointed up.

    When underwatered, the leaves and stems both droop and hang straight down from the branches

  5. bro idk you but if i see you i will kiss you on your lips bc you saved my life, i had Air/light burn and i got it fixed, Thank you man for real thanks

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