Cannabis Kratky Hydroponic Timelapse Grow from Seed to Harvest

NOTE: The following documentary depicts legal cannabis horticulture within the state of California under the Adult Use of Marijuana Act. This video is for …


  1. This is stupid as fuck. Youre letting those nutes concentrate over time… Dont add nutes every time you refill it dum dum and it wont burn. Dilute those concentrated nutes or use a 10 dollar air stone. I kinda hate you and really hate this idea alot and i wish i hadnt watched this. Those buds are small cause you nute stressed them. You fucked this up start to finish. Take this video down before you fuck someone else up.

  2. So I’m learning how to grow and using this video as my guide my seeds are still germinating but I friend of mine mentioned something about the water pH balance…. does it matter if I’m using this method?

  3. There must be an ideal geometry of the reservoir, because if it's too wide, then the water level won't go down as quickly as the plant grows.. so you'd end up with fewer air roots than if you had a reservoir that was more narrow.. make sense? Any thoughts about this?

  4. Hey mate how do you keep up with the feed schedule I mean every week has a different amount of nutrients. do you add the extra nutes per week with the same water and raises the ppms acorrding to the feed schedule or do you change the whole thing

  5. I love how there is so many ways to grow. I am doing a sea of green using wick hydroponics. I just use small water bottles and cut then in half. The fastest method and easy to maintain with so many smaller plants.

  6. Yes how many days from seed to harvest – entire growth cycle? How much water and nutrients used in total? Since cannabis plants can reach 6+ feet in height would you use a larger bucket (what size?) next time? I love the Kratky method, it’s so water efficient and minimal maintenance. I’ve grown lettuce in my living room with 3 gallon bins and only 9 gallons water total. I’m still harvesting lettuce going on 4 months and probably will need to add nutrient water only once (haven’t yet). I wondered how to grow larger plants in this system. Very cool to see the sped up growth. I think using liquid nutrients might avoid the nutrient powder settling, it’s like it didn’t dissolve completely. Thanks so much for sharing!

  7. Adding an air stone wouldn't have solved your problems, your nutrient deficiency was noticeable right when flower started or was a couple weeks in
    In kratky you ideally need to use a reservoir large enough that you don't need to add water back

  8. I was wondering since you can't use an air stone to agitate the water could you pick the bucket up and just swirl the liquid around (with lid on) for a few seconds or would this disturb the roots to much to work

  9. Looks like the same amount of effort as DWC but a massive reduction to final yields…. although Kratky method works… it will never yield more than a DWC grow using the same sized vessel/bucket.

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