Cannabis Hotline – Live Call In Cannabis Show With The Grow Boss

The Grow Boss ( teaches you everything you need to know to grow weed cannabis and marijuana. I explain the truth about all the …


  1. im getting yellow leaves towards the bottom on my first outdoor grow . i have a video of the plant here . the water i have been putting in ph has been about 6.5 . its in a 5 gallon pot not sure if i have been watering enough. i have an led in the greenhouse because the sun doesn't hit good until about 10-11am .

  2. Shucks I missed it, the grow boss makes it real easy to understand for a newcomer into growing cannabis like myself I hope to succeed after getting more educated❤️

  3. Hey grow boss which book do I buy ? I'm really new to the whole thing,I've learned anything I can from YouTube ,but I've been watching your show for a bouta month ish but I been missing the show…anyways just didn't know if there was a book with all the info I need to get started with a 5 plant count legal garden ,also I'm wondering what u meen about it being dead because it's l.e.d. and hydro

  4. Boss was u going to give me a raffle ticket if so I'll take a butter machine ticket if that's cool to
    I need to take clones from the middle and then go in flower

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