Cannabis as Immunonotherapy for 21st Century Acquired Immune Deficiencies

Presented At: Cannabis Sciences Virtual Event 2018 Presented By: Judy Mikovits, PhD – Founder/Consultant at M.A.R.C. INC and Director of Cancer Biology at …


  1. well science of diseases is not my skill and english not my native language but there is one thing i can say to that : I am suffering from copd and i am very often suffering from heavy infects related to respiratory issues. What i can confirm is that i have less infects while using regulary cannabis. And even i have an infect the usage makes it much easier to bare the symptoms. When i told this to doctors they treated me like an enemy….and in the end they cannot even confirm that i have copd ??? How can that ? There is one doctor who treats me for 30 y and he always was against cannabis, but after all these years of suffering i could show him and convince him that cannabis helped me to feel better,, even to go back to work …but he is afraid to give me a prescription for medical marjuana becose of politics….he is afraid of repressions and he is 75 y, but he recommended me as a patient for cannabis therapy……he tried to help me finding a doctor , but we did not find….i live in germany 2020……i get none treatment …absolutly none. Instead they started to criminalize me for helping me myself …aint that strange from a government and a medical system what cares so much for my health or could it just be hypocracy ? Now they took my driving license away, i lost my connection to my medicine , i am loosing my job and actualy i live in a lockdown and isolation for 1,5 y now and i am 58 y …thats what i got for my confession that cannabis cures…t y

  2. Dr Judy, my wife has hairy cell leukemia. She's been through most of the conventional therapies. Kreitman took her off ibrutinib due to low counts especially platelet counts. It seems she might be at the end of the road. Do you think cannabis could help along with other herbs?

  3. Hey first of all, amazing talk. I got sort of confused around 47:20-30 where you said that cannabigerol is metabolized into more THC. I can't seem to find a source of this happening in the human body. I am aware this is a step in natural product biosynthesis of THC, but can't find anything that suggests this cyclization reaction might be occurring in vivo.

    Maybe I misunderstood? I have played it back a few times and still don't know what you meant. Anyways, really enjoyed the talk!!!

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