Cannabis 101 | Part 2: Top 3 Brain Benefits (And the Risks you Need to Know About)

In this video we are here to talk about the top 3 benefits Jeff obtains from cannabis. Benefit #1: Relaxation at the end of the day or on your days off. Benefit #2: …


  1. I agree with all of your content except for this. I used to smoke weed daily and since having a bad mushroom trip, cannabis causes intense psychedelic effects and it causes me major panic, closed and open eye visuals (more intense than mushrooms or I would even say DMT). It causes me to dissociate from my body and the environment around me (which can last a long time after just a one time use). After smoking for 5 years and having to quit I could not learn to regulate my emotions without having weed and I have been in a major depressive state for almost 18 months. I do not believe or condone using this plant as an escape for stress or anxiety because half the time when you are doing that, it becomes unhealthy. This plant should be treated with the upmost respect just like your ‘typical’ psychedelics. There is nothing I wish for more than to roll a joint or smoke a bowl and be able to relax, but it wont ever be the same. If you have anxiety or stresses I would not recommend doing marijuana as it can make the symptoms a whole lot worse.

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