Can Not Overcome Addiction | Workaholism

In this video, Can Not Overcome Addiction | Workaholism I tell my true story about how do I live my life and work all the time. I start my confession about the …


  1. Вы были немного серьезны на видеоВы прекрасны во всех аспектах🌞👍

  2. I'm aware I'm a bad person but I'm so in love with you. Please do not be mad at me.

    My heart hurts so much

  3. Elena takdir edilesi bir azmin ve çalışma disiplinin var👍👍 ayrıca Engin ile müthiş bir çift müthiş bir ikilisiniz herşeyin üstesinden gelir herşeyi başarabilirsiniz sizi tebrik ediyor ve seviyoruz 👏👏👍👍

  4. Onlar işkolik olduğumuzu düşünselerde biz mimarız. Ne kadar yorulsakta proje bittiğinde karşısına geçip izlemek ayrı bi keyif. 🙂

  5. engin lena'nın ağacın yanında konuştuğu anlarda sanki odak sorunu var gibi bazen senin videolarda da denk geliyorum sebebini anlamadım belki onu düzeltmeniz iyi olabilir, video çok hoş olmuş elinize sağlık 🙂

  6. I am in the opposite side of being workaholic. I am someone who wants to do a lot and don't anything at the same time. People like me are called oblomov. Oblomov is the protagonist of the Russian writer Gonçarov's novel Oblomov, his famous character. Oblomov; is a lazy, sluggish, sluggish, pessimistic character who does not produce anything, gives nothing to nothing, is a ready-made, cocky, even fidgeting. Oblomov is at the forefront of mental laziness as well as physical laziness. Making continuous decisions; He lives even to implement any of his decisions. There is complete indifference and indifference to life and everything in Oblomov. Being oblomov; it is a state of conscious laziness / inertia. We can say that this is not lethargy, but rather a vigilance.

    Here is more explanation about being oblomov:

    Nothing they do comes from inside. What they do is through the imposition of external imperatives. Unlimited imaginations work like an installed clock, but dreams never come true; Oblomov drown in a sea of ​​dreams. They are in a continuous cycle of thinking and planning.

  7. Its seems like u just praise urself 🙂 I mean if its not steal ur social life (we can see that its not) u can work too many hours. So many people do 🙂

  8. Work hard play hard 🙂 altyazı için teşekkürler @enginözdemir işinizi çok iyi yapıyorsunuz. 🙏

  9. bende aynıyım ama takıyor muyum ? HAYIR çünkü farketsem bile değiştiremiyorum ve galiba bu durumu seviyorum

  10. Lena i wish , you will always get new project offers to enjoy your life as how you want. In the other side , you need to enjoy this life with more sociality also. We see you from Engin's videos and your mind is always busy even when you are talking about a place. In your age, because of your enough power and space in your hdd & soul , you are being able to handle it. I would like to warn you in the future your brain can start to disturb you because of it. So please let you do your life plan again and give more space for yourself. You don't know but from outside we can see clearly you are being mentally tired. We all love you and Engin. Best wishes !

  11. I think you must make a new video about how you motivatied for work long time.and you should say to us how you stay relax when you anxiety and nervous because you worry about work is not finish planning time.good day

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