"Can I be honest" podcast 1st episode

Antwoine, Arize, Monica, and Fred discuss topics such as best mothers day song, Mike Tyson returning to the ring and various other topics.


  1. Y'all are too funny! Reese's for SURE are number 1!!! The BIG CUP!!! Gotta love that peanut butter!!! Tyson looks good too as long as he can last 12 rounds. Now I want some Carnes asada lol!!! Blessings to y'all & y'alls families!!! 💜💜💜🙏

  2. One continuous laugh love it n yes today’s rap is wack. Shannon briggs lol . Our Golden Corral used to be a porn theatre in north sac. And I don’t like it would rather eat home town buffet and recess can stay.

  3. Omg!! Love it. Whoever thought of this podcast thank you!!so needed . God bless💕

  4. I like Golden Corral , BUT it’s one specific one on a certain street in my city. The other one we have is nasty 🤢 …. But there is a good one and it’s bomb

  5. You guys made me crack up 😂😂 for the candy bars I have to go with KitKat I know that wasn’t one but the others are ehh

  6. Man o man I really enjoyed this podcast; it had me rollin😂 btw Tyson is now vegan so no more ear biting for him!😂

  7. I love you guys Godbless you brothers n sister in Christ now I’ll be honest with the title saying can I be honest I was expecting biblical study and exposing darkness of the government and the antichrist etc and mark of the beast u knwo being honest and exposing all the lies of the world and I feel we should help each other grow and stay on solid food no matter how much the truth can get u know and I feel we should help those especially how close we are to the end times and to be set apart from the world and to expose how evil the world really is and how the life u knew was fake and Christ is trying to have u come out of Babylon but I hope u don’t feel I am judging in anyway I’m not I just wanted to be honest and express what I was thinking and how we should help and spread more truth instead of speaking about secular music n things of the world that don’t really matter compared to preparing for persecution great trials and tribulations because soon we won’t be Able to buy or sell unless you accept the mark u know what I mean basically I feel you could use this to prepare and wake up more people u know and help those who are misled but Godbless you guys I just was expecting a lot of biblical speaking etc and exposing darkness and sharpen each other iron sharpens iron

  8. Omg 😱 I say my candy bar names the same way Arize and Fred does!!!😂😂 and I thought nothing of it till now 😂😂

  9. Tyson still bring me to a place of awe when he fights I think it would be awesome if he came back

  10. That was very entertaining & awesome! I look forward to more of those ❤️🙏

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