Budbomb XL – Forced Venturi Hand Pipe (Champs Show 2019)

Budbomb XL – Forced Venturi Hand Pipe Champs 2019 Instagram @tgrsupply Https://www.tgrsupply.com Reach us By Phone: (855) 218-3740 Ext 1-Sales Ext …


  1. Whatever anyone buys, unscrew the end and throw it in the bin. Get a gauze put it in the hole and smoke it like a chillum. I'm on my third, i have used them for about 5 years, the screw bit at the bottom is a nice idea but it really don't cut the mustard. After the first hit, the rest doesn't taste as nice and the product doesn't burn right. The way I smoke it is amazing, if you keep it clean, you'll use half of what you do smoking joints.
    If you don't listen to that advice, at least follow this one, put a gauze (screen) in there anyway as the burnt ash comes back up through the spiral and clogs it up quicker. I have an idea for a update if the guy ever reads this, it's cheap and would make this even better than it already is.

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