Blessings In Disguise/The Pot Of Gold ~ Leo ~ May 2020 Mid Month Tarot Reading

Please Read The Description Box!!!!!!!!!!!!! Decks Used: Whispers Of Healing Oracle Deck Morgan Greer Tarot Deck Angels, Gods And Goddesses Oracle Deck …


  1. thank you. keeping it moving and continuing to focus on my creative work! so glad this reading is about us leos not other lurking energies.

  2. That seed I planted???? To win a jackpott!!! I was literally playing the lottery in Feb, instead got a bunch of “stimulus” money!! Multiple checks just showed up 🤣😂🤣

  3. Wow Wow Wow!! I'm a Leo and a Taurus soulmate/twinflame in separation! I still care and I'm focused on my own well being and definitely trusting in the universal timing of everything thank you very talented reader Xxxx ❤🙏

  4. I had a dream with a unicorn in it and looked it up and the message you gave for the intention card resonated greatly. This is an end of this cycle and I’ve been getting messages that blessings are coming and i feel like a butterfly finally leaving it’s cocoon.

  5. Soul Wisdom, That Was Deep Mama…That Was So On Track, You Have To Listen To This More Than One Time, That Is How Awesome You Are, One If The Best Out There.

  6. With that Taurus challenge I wrote my ex (Taurus) a letter which was my attempt to appreciate and honor what it was but to also release this relationship. Its a release that is not coming easy. I was proud of myself though for taking personal responsibility through absolute openness and honesty. Lots going on. Def reflecting on the why. This whole reading is great. Thank u!

  7. Yes ma'am you r correct on the karma the Universe taught me a lesson specially on that last relationship I've learn from that thank you for your time God-bless

  8. I really needed this reading! Loved everything about it. Your readings are always what I need to hear. I almost made the wrong decision and repeated a never ending vicious cycle with my soon to be ex husband. He is trying to weasel his way back in but it’s a test. Same thing same time last year while we were separated he weaseled in and I thought I could repair my family by letting him in. But he was just using me and I lost everything I’ve worked so hard for except my kids. For the last 4 months I’ve stayed away and I’m fighting hard to start a new life with my kids. And I’m so glad I saw this and remembered to not make the same decision as last year. I can’t repeat the cycle again. My kids and I deserve better.

  9. Ya know around 13:15 you said about 11. The number 11 & oh my god. Just before you said it, I realised that my battery level, time on phone, time I paused the video & time of length of video, comments & views all added up to a handful of 11s & THEN YOU FREAKING SAID 11S!! literally having synchronisities through the roof recently. Thankyou!

  10. Thank you! I got a bonus😍 Ive been noticing for a few months now that I'm already in line with the guidance when it comes out. Like Iv already been implementing things or have already taken the suggestions on cues from myself. This is a very good sign. Thank u for this reading. Its validating.

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