Blending Cultivars to Create Full Spectrum Cannabis Medicine

Wendy Kornberg and Wade Laughter talk about cannabis salad – mixing cultivars when creating oil, tinctures and hash to create the fullest spectrum medicine …


  1. Terpenolene has zero activity on cb receptors.

    You need to stop spreading this hippychild pseudo spiritual high-school drop out level of ignorance.

    Canna labs do not test for fatty acid esters/thiols/ketones that actually mediate connections between.. wait for it…. Cannabinoid receptors and….. Endocannabinoids already in the body. All these people who think they sound so smart talking about essential oils.. You are laughed at daily by educated biologists. Why won't anyone in the canna industry consult with educated scientists? Because they do not care about anything but maintaining their ego in their own little bubble of dumbass.

    Name one "medical" cannatard who will even mention fatty acids. None. Zero. Zip. Zilch.. Proof they are all fraudsters and ego-bubblers.

  2. in blending varieties we are watering down the minor terpenes and cannabinoids with the prominant terpenes such as myrcene, some of the minor terpenes are more impactful than others, what we need to do is breed a variety to be high in the terpenes and cannabinoids that you personally need

  3. one thing i recently noticed going back to flower after only using concentrates.. vaporizing with a Dynavap, I get a better overall medicinal effect from vaping flower then I do vaping concentrates alone. I just have to vape a lot more obviously. So usually I vape flower 1st then dab a couple and get a much MUCH better effect than had I just used concentrate alone. Even rosin which is what I usually dab doesn't give the same effect as flower 1st, then dabbing. I really do think there are aspects we aren't considering like Kevin Jodrey is finding out with the alcohol esters with his Skunk research line. Probably other chemicals that aren't being brought over from whatever extraction process is taking place be it wet solution or heat pressing or even hash making like sieving. They're just too volatile for any process other than using the straight flower form… I dunno but I do know the results.

  4. this is why i switched from making seperate bubble hash washes per cultivar, to doing all one wash mixed.. mix spectrum too, 45-159 bag all together in one.. diversity for the win

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