1. You mentioned that your motivation for the guide was so that folks could get the topics they need without digging through your channel for years (congratulations on that), but I wanted to mention, you can make playlists on here on those same topics, sort of like graduated lesson plans. Put them in the order you think is best for your teachings.

    This is my first video of yours. So far I really like that format and how you're explaining everything. I've never done any lawn work and I'm just awful at gardening, but I'm renting a house and since I'm responsible for landscaping, I want to at least make it clean. I look forward to finding more of your lawncare videos for how detail oriented they are.

  2. What would you recommend for dandelion and crabgrass control I'm in the northern part of Missouri thank you. I've used round up for years and as long as you're smart it's harmless. I believe a lot of it is lawyers trying to get rich

  3. Hello. Love your videos. I’m in nj and I apply liquid prodiamine a week ago. I hardly have any grass because last year I seeded my lawn and right after crabgrass took over. Try to take them out one by one so I took out crabgrass and good grass so I gave lot of empty spots..can you please tell me what should I do?

  4. Not an expert but have read enough about the RoundUP and cancer thing to realize unless you worked with it a lot mostly in agriculture situations the occasional users face very little threat. A guy in the lawn care business maybe if their spraying a lot.

  5. Subscribed from Pennsylvania! Thanks for this video, Allyn. I'd like your thoughts on combination fertilizer/weed prevention products like those from Scotts, Sta-Green, et al. Also, I can't seem to find a video on your channel regarding insecticides for ticks, fleas, or mosquitoes. I've seen BugBGone bags in your garage, but haven't seen a vid for it. Your help and expertise are greatly appreciated!

  6. LOL LOL the wife saying wear your mask was so funny oh don't you love ignorant people…
    her husband telling you Lawn Care advice…

  7. I'm in Bradenton, FL. It's March 21. By back yard is a complete mess of dozens of different weeds. The idea is to have Bahia. What should I do???? Should I start with Image, wait a couple of weeks and start seeding? Thanks!!!!

  8. You talk too much! I stop videos when the person speaking yammers on and on repeating the same stuff over and over again. Say what you want to say concisely with out qualifiers or tangents about your other videos.

  9. When you have dogs that regularly use the back yard is there any pre cautions I should follow when using post emergent weed killers? And in general with fertilizer and pre-emergents, don’t want to do anything that can harm them. Thank you for your videos it’s our first home and you inspired me to take control.

  10. Thanks for the vids! Can you help me? Im I Dallas TX and I have a pond across the street. I have mostly Bermuda. I would like to kill the weeds and thicken the grass without the potential of run off into the pond. Thank you in advance!

  11. I have Bermuda tiff which was laid in Nov in 19 and i live in San Antonio. we never had a freeze so lawn never went dormant so weeds still growing I also have pets that love to be outside with us everyday what's the safest way to kill my weeds

  12. Glyphosate doesn't cause cancer. It's just lawyers trying to make money. Stop listening to the Facebook hysteria and look at the actual science and the actual studies. Red meat and indoor fireplaces are more carcinogentic than roundup.

  13. Are the two Image weed killers exactly the same? My Lowe's only has RTS one but I want to mix with water in a 1 gallon sprayer. They both have the same ingredient and cover 5000 sq ft so I believe they are exactly the same.

  14. Hello I see your videos, and I ask you for a little recommendation, I live in Puerto Rico, and in my lawn there it's a little 3 leaf like clover, in the lawn (zoysia) did you recommend these roundup for my lawn? And did not affect the zoysia manilla? Thanks in advance, att Carl

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