1. 500mg in the bottle is not per serving. Most manufacturers sell by total mg per bottle. 100ml or 3.38 Oz of 50mg dosage, get it? That’s what you want to know. The better the company the better the label. The best companies will be (in US) USDA approved. This is an exceptionally good production.
    I wish I had seen this prior to my journey. You do make some good points, but the world of Colorado CBD and Michigan CBD are worlds away from you. MJ legal states.
    Do your homework if it comes from the gas station or video store you don’t want it.

  2. Hello Rachel, another really good video ! And thanks for your reply the other day.. I’m sure you must be a busy woman as well as a cbdwoman 🤪 I was wondering if you could please give me some advice ? I ask because you are very informative and straightforward. I’m looking to start taking cbd as I’m disabled and have heard it can help with chronic pain. I want to start by vaping, and you explained it’s the quickest way for cbd to enter the bloodstream. So I like the idea of the prefilled cartridges you can buy as this will avoid fiddly movements that I’d struggle with. I would like to have a vape pen battery part, and then buy different cartridges when I choose. Should I buy the battery on it’s own, if so, is it right I’d need a 650mah ? If it has the 510 thread, does that mean that ALL 510 cartridges will fit it ? Any extra advice would be welcomed – many thanks.

  3. Hi there. New subscriber. I have vaped for 6 years but I want to try vape cbd as I suffer with anxiety and pain. Please could you advise me where to start. Very confused with it all. Love your videos by the way

  4. Thank you…but i still don't understand how i know what the right amount is for me. Are there symptoms i should be looking for? What should i expect? Does my body react in any way?

  5. Hi Rachel. Whats your opinion on the latest deaths of people smoking cbd oil. With all the hype around it in the US, and the likely ban of flavored vape juice. Here in New Zealand, theres been a surge of negativity around vaping and specifically vaping cbd oil. With our Labor Dept also working on trying to ban flavoured vape juice here in NZ.

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