Best Battery Lawn Sprayer for Pesticide / Herbicide / Cleaning and More!

Best value in Lawn & Yard Battery Sprayers for 2019. See this Sprayers Plus model in action and learn what makes it so incredible and why you might want to …


  1. Just bought the 2 gallon RYOBI from Home Depot for $81. It’s a great little machine. It has 45 psi and comes with a 3 year warranty. Cannot beat it. Thanks for pointing me to finding a battery powered sprayer. Love it.

  2. Guys, listen this company sucks to deal with if you have a problem. I have a vt20 that was leaky out of the box. At the bottom of the tank on all the tips, parts of the handle, etc. Notice there is no customer service number on sprayers site. Good luck if you have a problem. They keep making excuses about their terrible, defective, products and won't let you return if you actually use it. God, I can image how the battery unit, which is way more complex, would be reliable for professional use. No offense to this channel, but don't listen to influencers on YouTube. If you are a pro landscaper, skip this company.

  3. Very educational video. i've been torn as to which battery powered sprayer to invest in, but after watching your review I'm very much leaning towards purchasing the SP+. Thanks!

  4. SC, Thanks for the review. Can you tell me where the little black screen filter is intended to fit. I don't see anything in the instruction manual. Thanks

  5. Very comprehensive review. I just purchased and used the Sprayer Plus 105ex to apply Humic Acid and Liquid Kelp on my lawn as well as other garden uses and it is the bomb! It is so much easier and more efficient based on liquid capacity and never, ever having to stop and pump.

  6. I purchased this product in April and have had an issue with it. It may just be a dud I happened to get, but after spraying my yard once (4 – 2 gal sprays, no issues), every time after that it has been hesitant to spray right away. Few weeks later (currently) it sometimes won't spray at all or takes several min for the pump to "kick in" and push out liquid. The only solution I've found is having to spray the filter after every single canister usage, which is really annoying. The filter isn't even clogged, it just seems to help. It does this with herbicides, bio stimulants, and even only water. I mention that bc the thickness of the mix doesn't seem to be the issue. I have contacted the company today about this, so hopefully they are as friendly with me as they were to you. I really enjoyed it the first week I had it, just want it to work the same all the time. And for the record, yes I did clean the filter/canister/canister filter after each usage of product. I was thinking somehow hose blockage was the issue, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

  7. I notice your pump operates continuously when you switch it on. My 4-gal sprayer from the same company only pumps (produces pressure) until the system is charged, then it shuts off until I begin spraying. It'll run while I'm spraying, then shut off once again just a moment after I've stopped spraying. Can anyone else with this 2-gal sprayer confirm whether it continually runs even if you're not spraying?

  8. While this seems a good option, any of you who use the Ryobi one system they have a 1 and 2 gallon unit that uses your existing 18v. its awesome and 59.00 if you already own extra batteries.

  9. Good review. Two questions please.

    1. What is your estimation as to the reach or distance that the unit is capable of spraying?
    2. Do you know if spare batteries are available, if so who sells them?

    Thank you

  10. I agree with you that the Sprayers-Plus sprayers are of good quality. I have a couple of their sprayers and they have worked well for me.

    One more tip that was not in your video that should be done with all sprayers to keep them clean and ready to use. When you are done with your application always be sure to triple rinse your entire sprayer. That means fill your tank with clean water and spray the entire tank of water through the hose, wand and sprayer tip until the tank is empty. Do this three times to make sure all contaminants have been flushed out of the tank, hose, wand, and sprayer tip. Never store a sprayer with your chemicals still inside of it!

  11. Bought the 4 gal 105e last year and love it for my 15,000 sq ft yard. Just ordered the YT25E last week and waiting for delivery. I agree with you, hands down probably the best battery powered Sprayers for DIY'ers for the price. Keep up the good work.

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