Before YOU Buy THE HONEY POT Products… | The Honey Pot Sold Out!

Before YOU Buy THE HONEY POT Products…This video is my story and my experience with some of the Honey Pot Co products. What I state in this video is all …


  1. Awesome video! Ive been using the honeypot for a long time! Its great. They also sell it at Wal-Mart. (I live in Cali) all stores differ. Thank you for sharing with us.💞

  2. Great video! I started using these panty liners recently when I got and IUD inserted. I was in so much pain and the cooling sensation really helped me feel better. Like you said, I wish these products were more easily available. Whenever I see them in stock at my local target I stock up because who knows when they'll be there again!

  3. i have used the pads but the normal wash is what i purchase consistently. i recently brought the menstrual cup but i am waiting until i run out of pads to try the cup. i am a little bit nervous.

  4. i just got a few of my products i ordered from target. waiting on the other two to come in the mail. i used the sensitive foam the vulva cream and the spray. i have to say compared to another product line of feminine products (non organic) that are well known THESE PRODUCTS STAND OUT FROM THE REST. i havent used the pads yet but i am looking forward to using them. the foaming wash is AMAZING. i instantly saw and felt a difference after using it the first time. i'll be buying over and over.

  5. Did you notice any difference between the normal and sensitive wash ? I have the sensitive one which I love. But I do want to try the normal wash

  6. I use the pantyliners, regular pads and the normal wash. This product helped with my PH. No more smells and irritation. The cooling system is something to get use too, but I like it. Thanks for the video.

  7. I do like the pads, but they can’t hold fibroid flow. So, I had to change to another brand which holds great. I love the cooling effect. Just a heads up all the organic pads I’ve tried are very thin. You won’t get the thick like you are use to. I’ve wasted a lot of money trying to figure out which one is for me. The foaming wash is bomb. I’m not changing. 👍🏾

  8. I just ordered pads from this brand, online, this morning. I didn’t know they were gonna be that thin, so I’m glad you showed them. I, too, have a fibroid problem and experience heavy periods, so I really hope this works for me. 🥴🥴🥴 but I LOVE the wash and wipes.

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