Banda Homes Insists no one will lose his money, Director Andrew Kamau

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  1. U just be quiet. Mmeshika alot of houses that you can't manage. Why can't you finish for those who have completed, why are u punishing people because of those who haven't not making any sense. Hiyo jasho and people's tears will never give u peace, pple are struggling. Malipo ni hapa duniani. You promised in a yr you have completed, it's now 3 yrs.chunga sana

  2. Wewe ongea tu but ujue siku hizi watu hawana subira, pia hawana huruma na mtu yeyote anacheza na jasho yao. Soon you and your crime partners mtakua mnapatikana place hakuna mtu ataelezea. Familia zenu ndio tu zitaachwa ziki narrate ohhh kamau arikua mutu musuri ohhh arikua akifanya kazi yake na hakua na ugofi na mutu ohhh. Just seat 💺 there but be ready

  3. People have bought mortgages and paying for years since kitambo while living in those houses. Pple pick this homes on sketches for the good deals not because they dont have full sum money. Ongea vizuri baba

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