Aurora Cannabis to buy U.S. CBD company Reliva

Aurora Cannabis Interim CEO Michael Singer and Reliva CEO Miguel Martin join Yahoo Finance’s Zack Guzman to discuss Aurora’s acquisition of Reliva, and …


  1. It's funny when so much ppl holding ACB the stock doesn't skyrocket like Tlry so I am expecting whales are waiting for a huge shakeout before they jump in. Maybe there is a waiting game to bore the common investors out. Over 1 million ppl at the time on RH before the split held ACB now its half that number.

  2. They got 2 country buying big, south korea and switzerland, they got big robotic farms, they are set internationally they partner with UFC, they enter the US market, hemp can be made into 25k products so disruptive its forbidden lol so i liquidate some of my other investment and i fomo buy aurora and will hold long term lol

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