Aquarius – Money, Wealth, Abundance | JUNE 2020

Here is a money message for the sign of Aquarius for the month of June 2020. Enjoy! Tarot decks: The Original Tarot …


  1. I blocked him for taking too long to come forward I'm not putting in anymore effort he didn't put forth effort he said he would do better nothing feel time wasted I'm moving away from his mess then he can quit the nonsense driving by my house and not act like a normal person and come to the door sorry for your loss my condolences I said what I needed to say to him dont have time for all that waiting around I ran out of patience with him

  2. I pray that things change with my financial situation. I have been without income for over a year. Don't get me wrong, I have been blessed with support from family and friends. I would really love to manage on my own again.

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