Answering Your Questions about Van Life

I answer your questions that you asked last week about Van Life. NEW! Take care of your health! I’m a new Brand Ambassador for Dr Gundry MD’s products!


  1. Okay, now I'm more confused than ever about whether to go with diesel. Hahaha. Just kidding! Your answer made me feel like whichever way I go, I can make it work. Thank you. Also, I love what you said about how you plan your next destination: WEATHER. When you live so in tune with nature, you really need to be in synch, not struggling with it. Safe travels when you leave for NM.

  2. Thanks for battery answers. Trying to save up for 2 lithium, very expensive but really worth it in the long run 😊

  3. I wish we would have homeschooled our children in an RV we did consider it in the early 2000s. We did homeschool through all 12 years for them all.

  4. Well, Thank you for adding my question to your line up. I Love your videos, I wait forward to that week that you get them out. Something to look forward to. I have watched all your videos. Oh yeah just wondering if your daughter has her own youtube channel. That would have been great, to get both sides to the trip and van life has a child, that would of help out other kids. How is her playing come? her Ukulele, Is she going to release her album? Come on a smile. I em happy you are both safe and happy. Peace and love to you both. Just a big Fan. Also a fan of van life, haha

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