1. I tell people to check out your channel on the regular, Adam.Things being as they are right now, I've noticed more folks getting interested in foraging. Thank you for being such a help!

  2. "the smell of pleurotus australis ranges from fishy to mushroomy to an odor resembling anus"…uhmmm… nope, pass…


  3. How much of your daily diet is mushrooms? What kind, if any, do you try to eat on a regular basis that you find beneficial for health reasons?

  4. I have been lucky enough to find pounds of these!
    AND yet I did not know they were not oysters!
    Thanks again Adam!
    PS when I first found them I looked up & "saw/ read*
    7 people in Japan had died from ingesting them. of course that was after I ate them! Risk-taking Behavior? TMI! When I didn't die>>> I thereby concluded, due to the year that tragic event– it was Fukushima related!
    I love them; as I love all fungi☝☝🆗👌

  5. Alm your videos are absolutely amazing. You explain in simple ways, so that beginners can actually understand. Iv learnt alot fro. You, please dont stop making videos. Cheers!!!!

  6. here's several things you can try
    select the best variety – there are lots available.
    grow them in the best conditions – some eg oyster muchrooms like cool humid areas and can be put outdoors
    (I read these and the reasons they work from Gregs Mushroom Grower website )

  7. Thanks! Love it that you can say all the big words with such confidence. You have definitely studied this well.

  8. Please come visit Oregon, I'd love to meet you- if you do events and speeches I know that Alan Rockefeller is out west and does them in Oregon as well. You two would most likely get along.

  9. If all of the 17 deaths were in Japan then that should explain everything. Most of Japan's land is contaminated with radioactive materials from that nuclear reactor explosion years ago. It is not the mushroom, it is the land itself.

  10. I am in Calvert Co Md. Its mid Dec. I jut found a beautiful flush of Oyster. With this video I am confident. BTW I live in the Philippines and there is a small pink type of oyster there I have found and eaten. Your videos are the very best around. TY

  11. I find it amazing you can remember all these names, details, etc.
    I also wonder why people would chance a toxic food item when many other safe varieties are known.

  12. I went out picking up mushroom yesterday and came across the same mushroom, it looked beautiful but didnt pick it up since i knew it was the angel wing

  13. I’ve eaten those thinking they were oysters. Delicious, oops. Thank you for the outstanding work.

  14. Incredible to find this vid actually! The only time I ever got poisoning(besides a short, embarrassing bout of pinworms from fresh liberty caps).
    Camping near Epping Forest in the UK 12 years ago. I specifically, without a doubt! remember picking this mushroom, found on rotting wood.(actually every part of your description fits to a T)
    At the time, it appeared so innocent to me. I don't believe I saw it identified negatively in the edition of Roger's Mushrooms that I had. I consumed no more than a few small specimens. Pan fried in oil. Flavor was good, not unlike oysters. Had maybe a drink and maybe a smoke…went to bed as usual.
    Just after falling asleep, I woke in the middle of the night and ran to the toilets. The nausea was full body, similar to a migraine attack.
    I don't remember how I felt the next day.
    Learned my lesson 100%

  15. You are absolutely terrific! Your knowledge and communication style is unparalleled and, just simply your willingness to share this important information is so, so appreciated!! Thank you so much! On another note, since I'm a true neophyte I always take a spore print unless I'm completely sure but I have learned so much from you. Thank you again

  16. Dude, (Adam?), Great channel, love every video. I don't seem to be as lucky as you when looking for mushrooms (When I did that look.). Looking for mushrooms is like looking for ghost. They might be their, but they never seem make appearance when you want to see them. Here a trick I learn accidently. I was into wood working, and would cut up cast off trees into lumber. The problem was, if the log I had dried, the log got these cracks. Not good for lumber. One guy told, keep the log wet, and it won't crack. I had stack of logs, that I couldn't get to, so once a day I wet them with the hose. In about the middle of summer, all the logs grew mushrooms, different types of mushrooms. It was very funny. I've seen people grow mushrooms on logs, but what I did took a lot less effort. True the logs were all at least a year old, still it amazing. I told a friend this, and she did it with two logs she found. She drilled a hole in the middle of the log, and filled it with water when she water her plants. She also had plact rapped around the out side. The old log grew mushrooms in months, and the fresh log took over a year.

  17. I’ve eaten it plenty of times. Growing on deciduous fallen trees. I’m going to tell my biologist guide I go foraging with about these differences with angel wings. He’s a good teacher.

  18. Have watched this many times—as Oysters are my favorite and thanks for this
    but think I have eaten the "Pleurocybella porrigens" because after posting in my "little G+ FUNGI community" DEFUNCT now— a follower had suggested maybe I had found *Angel Wings*>>> in which I DID find the story about the 17 deaths in Japan! I freaked out. AS I was quite *sure I was safe in the IDENTIFICATION of *ALL OYSTERS*! FUKUSHIMA?? PERHAPS?
    Honestly, I became interested in Wild Fungi for medicinal purposes and their properties after exhausting my need for knowledge of wild herbs and felt "confident" in that knowledge+
    The irony IS (BEFORE I bore you all to tears) is there I was "trying to be HEALTHIER" AND possibly have done myself harm in my "unfounded confidence" of I.Ding.
    And WHY one of my most JOYOUS DAYS WAS finding you Adam*…As I no longer make a move w/o going thru my *vast collection of your VIDS!  
    Although please let IT BE KNOWN—I could never hold you responsible for my excitement in my *forages and findings Thanks once again-as always for your dedication & tremendous EFFORT YOU PUT INTO 'EDUCATING US IN OUR IDENTIFICATIONS!* ps I use many resources for identification & one Autumn I had 36 Library books & the net and then you+
    PeAcE & appreciation Adam~regena~

  19. Thanks for this video. Nice see the difference between safe and dangerous fungi will be re watching before going out foraging, not to mention getting a reference book.

    I also have mushrooms growing on my allotment apiray. So far have not eaten as can not identify

  20. I have a very nice field guide from 2000 and its handy but says they were edible and good so I went for it after confirming they were angel wings.

    I ate probably 40 + here in the PNW and I never had any problems.

    I fried them up in herbed butter and they are great but…now I’m on the fence.

  21. What color is the spore print of the Angel Wing? I'm also wondering if the poisoned were on a steroidal drug at the time effected?? Or if they were eaten raw…. Thanks😬

  22. maybe there was something on the mushroom, infecting it. what you describe almost sounds like a bacterial disease. But there's a more interesting possibility.

    This was in japan, an island, and things living on islands frequently mutate to be more vicious and/or more clever because the resource pool available to them is smaller. Natural history is full of creatures evolving strangely on islands, even such odd things as dwarf elephants and people, finches with strange beaks and giant lizards or tortoises. this was before fukushima, so the reactor can't be to blame. but if these mushrooms were found near Hiroshima or Nagasaki they could be the product of a mutation that took decades to become noticable. even if they were in the countryside, the fallout could have blown into the soil where their mycelium/spores were or metabolized into the tree and because mushrooms are very long lived things that spread slowly its only now showing itself.

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