"Amazing" First Harvest BlueBerry

First Harvest BlueBerry Cannabis. For Educational Purposes Only. If you wanna help a brother out, I’ve added a donation button on the bottom of the header on …


  1. Never knew you could just cut down what was amber and leave the rest till it finished up! How long did you wait before you cut the rest?

  2. Wassup man, I'm a new grower, I wanted ask what advice would you give someone like me that's having trouble gaining the big yields such as yourself? If you can and don't mind give a response msg at my email address [email protected]gmail.com and if anyone else has any good tips to pass on to a fellow grower please hit my email as well. Thanks! Happy growing and smoke up

  3. Drying out the soil prior to harvest only diminishes the flavor on the contrary watering heavy with ice water increases the flavor, this mimics nature and studies on vegetable plants prove this method. Nice vids n plants. Oh yeah how bout a smoke review that'd bee cool too

  4. Looked good man, right on ! I like the fact you knew to give your under growth more time to dense up a bit more . And i heard you talk about re-veg , its cool you know that.. ive grown the same plant 3xs in a row (re vegged it 3xs) and got the same yeild all 3xs… its a myth not being able to do that. Being new to you and your channel ,i was curious if your growing in a tent ? And what lighting your using? One other question where did ya get the genetics for that blueberry from… ive grown alot of different ones and theyre hard to get a good genetic to keep. But its my favorite ! Lol . Like your video .soon as i can i wanna get into more of em. Good stuff, thanks .

  5. About to flower this crescendo rbxv2 kinda worried about the nanners myself. And I'm gonna drop this strain bc of Colin from ethos being a shithead

  6. Hey Bill great vid, do you reckon I can grow a plant like that in a greenhouse without supplemental lighting if I use good nutrients? ty

  7. Hiya Bill, Damn man that blueberry is loaded.. what a crop and still looks like you’ve got at least the same again to harvest later on, you’re right it’s pretty amazing, I had to take my last plant in early.. had a death in the family and I started to get visitors I hadn’t seen for many years.. you know how it is with these things, anyway hope your well keep up the good work.

    Ps can I ask which seed bank do you use?
    I got a blue cheese and a cookie variety to finish then I’m definitely going try the blueberry and follow your guidance 👍🏻👍🏻

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