Am I Anti Chemotherapy? (Alternative Cancer Treatment Options)

In today’s video, Chris addresses the online myth that he is anti chemotherapy and talks about his choice to explore alternative cancer treatment options. CHRIS …


  1. I was inspired to start my own holistic healing from breast cancer YouTube channel God Bless!

  2. I’m only anti-medical treatment fraud. Many will knowingly exploit the sick and desperate for profit. And there’s billions to made in the alternative health industry where it’s like the Wild West at times. I believe as long as people have done the research as best they can or want to it’s their body it’s their choice. Others can give their opinion or concerns (respectfully) but must back off and allow someone the freedom to choose for themselves what’s right and best.

  3. I’m Anti-Chemo!! And I’ve been even before I heard about you Chris. And you’re absolutely right about EVERYTHING you say so who cares about what others think.

  4. Another thing that Chris and the survivors he interviews say, is that you have to BELIEVE that the therapy you choose will cure you. His natural methods require intellectual and spiritual commitment and confidence and determination. So my thoughts are, not everyone is able to do that and they don't have the resources or courage to take charge so it's best to go with the "system" as prescribed.

  5. Chris you are on the fence and I know that you must say this so that the industry doesn't come after your message, which is that the life style change and organic eating right, exercise, getting enough sleep, hydration, right juices, forgiveness, and staying away from toxic stress can heal.

  6. Chemo is poison and does kill the immune system. It is a money making industry that kills more than not.

  7. You're right chemo generally isn't curative. However, I wonder if some people's cancer may be so advanced that they can use chemo to lessen their tumor burden (inopearable cancers for example), or to shrink the tumor burden in order to even get into a remission to buy more time while they also support their body through dietary and other lifestyle changes during and afterwards. If it's advanced and highly aggressive there may not be enough time to turn it around with diet and lifestyle changes alone. Some types of cancer are much more aggressive and fast growing than other slow growing cancers. As you mentioned, it depends on the type and stage of cancer. High grade ovarian (very aggressive) has a very high response rate (80 to 85% chance of complete remission) with the initial exposure to chemo. Several have been able to keep it in remission with diet and lifestyle changes. Each person's situation is unique and very personal.

  8. Chris thank you again for your videos, please tell if you going to share the course Free modules again, please let me know, Thank you ,,, 🙏

  9. I'm gonna be straight up and there is no middle ground for me. I'm not going to support those who wsnt to use poison. Will I try to stop them? No, I'm not going to tell someone else what choices to make. That is their life and their business. But I'm still going to stand by MY belief .

  10. Chris smack those people fact studies books and researches in thier faces to wake them up. Always stand and defend your argument. If you let them trample you and your believes, satan will rise among themselves. The world is a spiritual war. Fight for good. God bless you keep it up. (Viewer from the Philippines)👍🏼

  11. Hi Chris. Where on your website is the list of questions please? I can't find it. I'd like to share it with my Australian group on Facebook. Could you perhaps post the link? Thank you 😊

  12. There are some types of cancers that respond better to chemotherapy. For all other types, chemotherapy gives false hope.

  13. I do not like chemotherapy at all. I would much rather do immunotherapy, Car-T Cell therapy, and ozone therapy. They are using those therapies in clinical trials for certain types of cancers.

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