All The President's 2020 Challengers

Reports say Trump sees one candidate from the ever-growing field of potential 2020 Democratic challengers as the most formidable. Subscribe To “The Late …


  1. 其實鴿子的一切老師,皆日本台和在外的博土,若有对鴿子很厭的,,,找他们,他们教ㄚ,{[(言語)]}←重要特点,他们是最大偉的博土们,,,SO。

  2. has plenty of joke material to use to make fun of the democratic canitdates.
    1. makes fun of biden's age
    2. makes fun of the population of New Jersey
    3. makes fun of fox for pointing out a presidential candidate pandering for votes
    4. trump bash
    5. trump bash
    6. trump bash
    7. trump bash
    8. trump bash

    I dont like trump all that much but god this show is a bunch of horse shit

  3. A candidate that may easily beat Trump in 2020 is Jay Inslee, the current Governor of Washington State. Check him out. I believe this is the right guy to pull us out of the gigantic hole in to which we've fallen.

  4. TRUMP 2020!!!!…..Bring it!!!….what a pathetic talk show!…..When Trump is re-elected this show will be silent….dust in the wind if you will….this show makes me wanna puke, there is no reality here….just a bunch of disdain and falsehood…..and why am I on here then?… post this!….come on and hate if you will….I can take it….lol

  5. As a senior, I kinna resent the insinuation that a person with lifetime skills would be too old to use them, and out of touch with today's Hollywood. Because today's Hollywood is truly relevant. Besides, who is Rita Hayworth, again?

  6. See this is my problem with partisanship, she lied. No if’s and’s or but’s. But it’s just laughed off as “oh high people don’t remember everything” when the reality of it is that she seemingly was trying to attract more black voters by saying she listened to Tupac and Snoop. She was called out and rightfully so for lying just like trump is rightfully called out for lying

  7. The number of Democrats currently thinking about running is sparse, compared to the California recall election of Governor Gray Davis, in 2003.

    You may recall at one point in California, they had 135 candidates.

    The Noteworthy candidates:

    Gary Coleman (Child actor of
    "The Jeffersons" "Good Times" and "Diff'rent Strokes")

    Larry Flynt (Publisher of Hustler magazine and survivor of a shooting which left him paralyzed. He was shot by a white supremacist who claimed disgust at an Interracial photo shoot in Hustler magazine)

    Mary Carey (porn actress)

    Peter Ueberroth (former baseball commissioner)

    Arianna Huffington (founder of Huffington Post among many other successful accomplishments)

    Gallagher (Prop comic known for watermelon smashing And observational humor)

    Luckily I found a clip of "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart" they had fun with this election calamity.

    As you can see here:—the-california-recall

    Now California's election gave us Arnold Schwarzenegger and It's possible during this true political circus, Trump decided to concoct a larger scheme to run for president. Maybe?

    We survived this shite in 2003, but can we survive 2020???

    Now with the help of cannabis.


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