1. Sorry if I messed up the sativa/indica explanations. Just remember, indica INDACOUCH. K. Sorry. I also already have some fckin wack comments. This should be fun!!

  2. hiii Annika, can you link the website where you buy your disposable Indica vape pens?? Rlly need a reliable source yk

  3. Why does Annika sound like she is from California? No hate but I got a real Southern California vibe from the first few minutes

  4. We’re the exact same high people! I use the same tactic to not succumb to munchies lmao! Everything you said preach sis 👏🏼

  5. Thanks for making this! I struggle with anxiety and had a real bad experience after a bong but I really want to try it again

  6. I love seeing someone come on a platform and speak about being responsible with weed, love u annika❤️

  7. Oooh ya! Yass!! I love weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed! I will smoke all day long, erryfkn day (: It seems to be the most effective///transformative element that takes away the seriousness / criticalness of my brain. And it's definitely oil and resin that I love the very most ~

  8. As someone who’s been smoking for 5 years, daily almost for 2, it’s interesting seeing how much of an effect weed can have on people if they’ve only been smoking for two months like you for example. I look at the videos of me in high school, zooted out of my mind, HIGH. Those days will never happen for me again, (unless I stop smoking all at once for like 6 months ) I still feel it but nothing like I used to, short-lived, enjoy it while you can and any new smokers, the tolerance will hit you before you know it 💔 Took me a year , I gauge it like now I’m like I could smoke an eighth of weed and talk to police officer and he wouldn’t know. Miss the days when it’d be obvious :/

  9. Just an FYI people should maybe smoke less during this time bc no matter what you smoke it will affect your lungs And maybe corona will be worse.

  10. I love this, and don't worry about people thinking your encouraging younger people to do it because as a "Teen" lol Its not someone on a video that is gonna make me want or feel like i need to do it.

  11. off topic but gosh girl you’re literally perfect😍 I would pay any amount of money to look like you

  12. Another reason why you’re my fav YouTuber 😘 weed has helped with my anxiety so much and I’m so glad that you made this video. Also, fuck any haters who try to come at you for this. They don’t know shit

  13. @Annika you should try the re usable 510 cartridge vapes. I highly recommend them. you just order cartridges and re charge the pen (battery)!

  14. i love weed but personally had to give it up, the munchies were just out of control lol, it outweighed the positives.

  15. I really enjoyed this video! You talked very well in this video and I wish we could smoke cuz you seem cool 😎 but I agree that a lot of people smoke but don’t really talk about it!

  16. I personally am against weed 100%, but this video did not at ALL “offend” me or make me want to unsubscribe or ANYTHING. It honestly gave me more respect for you knowing you are open & honest with us. So GOOD FOR YOU! Do whatever YOU want to do, smokers & non-smokers alike!!!! We all need to stay in our own lanes & appreciate everyone’s opinion and choices.

  17. you're amazing and a beautiful human inside and out. i love you and everything you stand for. team annika forever!! <3 you're a real one sweet angel. never stop being you!!

  18. My high is one of two things: I convince myself that everybody, even my parents, hates me, or I embroider for 2 hours straight lol

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