1. I’m an alcoholic, I drink quite often. Never to the point of complete black out drunk, or unable to stand drunk. I hit my comfort point, then just maintain. Suppose I’m lucky in that regard, I have a friend who is so bad with the drinking, that he took an ambulance ride to the hospital cause he just tried standing, and fell face first into a lawn chair. Split his head open. I’ve been trying for so long to get sober, but alcohol is a powerful thing. The will power almost becomes non-existent.

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  3. Please make a video about how different type of alcohol effect on our body,i couldn't find side effects of rum, tequila,Gin, cognac,brandy, whiskey,vodka,wine,beer etc..in you tube you'll find many video about the health benefits but not side effects only 2 video but they are more about the whole class not a particular one.

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