AG On Marijuana Bill

Legislation for the decriminalisation of marijuana was laid in the House of Representatives on Friday. This after Cabinet on Thursday approved two pieces of law …


  1. Every other animal that exist run away from inhaling smoke… even a jackass

    Smoking just might be the stupidest most nonsensical habit in the entire animal kingdom

    Instead if improving our world by banning this stupid smoking habit,

    we graduate in advanced stupidity by legalizing smoking of a drug,

    this just shows that even some leaders are stupider than a jackass

  2. This decriminalization shows the Honourable Prime Minister
    In such an understanding and relatable light, like the cool uncle That you could actually partake in a constructive conversation with, and benefit from it. This is a power move by a power party, and many will be overwhelmingly appreciative. Which is justified

  3. This is just the smoke the fires πŸ”₯ is yet to come πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” … next thing legalize idgays rights …

  4. Hurry up and past the bill so that the police can concentrate on murderers,robbers,kidnappers ,white collar criminals and all of
    societies pestilence and vipers.Marijuana tourism is a possibility along the many benefits of marijuana use,the marijuana smugglers soon will be jobless.The U.S. Federal Government also decriminalized weed just yesterday so PNM the weed industry is all yours the weed authority can develop the industry as the gov't did with oil and gas.MARIJUANA EASTATES featuring different grades for a variety of purposes one being medical in the form of pills or liquid or even smoke it ,good luck PNM and TNT looking forward to succeeding as part of the diversification process through job creation either under gov't control and working with private businesses.

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