AG Defends Position on Marijuana

Attorney General, Faris Al Rawi is making it clear that government is not open to entertaining any conversation on the legalization of marijuana, at least not in the …


  1. Every other animal that exist run away from inhaling smoke… even a jackass

    Smoking just might be the stupidest most nonsensical habit in the entire animal kingdom

    Instead if improving our world by banning this stupid smoking habit,

    we graduate in advanced stupidity by legalizing smoking of a drug,

    this just shows that even some leaders are stupider than a jackass

  2. Opportunity lost Ferris i thought the PNM were visionaries and saw the need to legalize and capitalize on the marijuana issue. Marijuana tourism is one many trinis go to Amsterdam and parts of the USA just to smoke weed in peace so people could be coming to TNT to do the same regulated as you said and the weed smugglers coming with weed from other countries will be out of a job ,step in the right direction but you are not there yet.

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