1. ABC: Even if he is honestly taking hydroxychloroquine, I don’t believe he is taking it 2 prevent viruses.  I think he is taking an antiviral (ZORAX) that is preventing him from catching any virus.  It costs $1200 per month per prescription.  2 RICH RAT$ 4 my blood.

  2. ABC are joining CNN as the least credible [so called] news out let,it is so ovious people are just laughing when they try to make themselves credible.

  3. Here in the U.K. patients taking Hydroxychloriquine are monitored regularly by way of blood test to ensure it is not damaging other parts of the body. It’s a very toxic drug and I cannot ever see a day where it will be safe to roll out in the fight against this pandemic.

  4. Let me point it out, this is what HE is taken, so why do you want to follow HIS choice. HE never said I recommend for you. WHEN ARE WE GOING BACK TO NORMAL!

  5. Everyone afraid Trump will prové there IS a cure for thé virus hysteria? That a vaccine (Also unproven and Known to bé dangerous) is unnecessary ? Too much fear hype on your Channel…

  6. That fool is lying again, he is not taking that drug.About a month from now he will say it work good, he must be getting money for the pills, he is up to something that is corrupt.Tell Trump rat poison works good to stop the virus, maybe he will try it, and save the world from this madman.

  7. Trump ain't taking that shyt. Somebody got stock in the drug. His lying azz ain't hard to figure out.That F'k boy talking about he worked with doctors, WTF that means to me. Hell i watched the show E.R., and Law & Order. Does that make a fkn doctor, police officer, or lawyer. People please go vote this dumb azz want to be King/D.I.C.K. – TATOR out before he kills everyone.

  8. They are shameless and selfish, that there overwhelming need to speed is greater that mourning the loss of many people that died.

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