A Beginner's Explanation to Drying & Curing Buds

Just a brief explanation of how I view drying and curing. A cardboard box is a good resource for small harvests.


  1. Good information. If you were to fill up a shed would you need to open the door say an hour a day. Or just keep it closed because it has enough ventilation?

  2. I need some help with drying in colder climates. Temps up here fluctuate between 50-65 day and can drop to 35 at night. I know, heater but it would be hugely expensive not to mention nearly impossible to control the temp in such a large shed. I’m green to this so any tips on drying in environments where temperature isn’t perfect would be awesome thanks.

  3. Buddy, stop letting your buds touch that cardboard. Talk about mold. But good video, fuck these clowns talking shit probably never smoked scissor hash, your method looks good.

  4. Did your product taste like cardboard? I have been told drying product in cardboard can cause mildew or mold

  5. I like to wet trim. I think it's better for more trichromes. Trim wet you don't accidentally knock the trichs off the bud. And I can really dig in for some big stem removal when its wet without tearing it up.

  6. I don't mean to be rude bro but you are a newbie grower and your methods and advise absolutely worthless sorry to be rude anyway enjoy your box and garbage bag as long as you can. How the fuck did you get such a small amount of weed when growing outdoor SMH

  7. If your humidity is correct you can dry for for up to 16 days the dryer you get the less chance of mold if you put your buds in jars or bags to soon and there is too much moisture THAT WILL INCREASE THE CHANCES OF MOLD.

  8. My challenge is being able to hit the ideal temp for the dry which I keep reading is between 70-75 degrees. The only acceptable location for a dry on my side of things is the garage because Congress (Wife) didn’t approve the indoor dry so calibrating temp with AC is out the window. The atmospheric temp in the garage peeks at 85 solid and the humidity is at 45-48. This is with the temp and humidity gage already inside the dry tent. I managed to do a Mickey Mouse AC with a styrofoam cooler and filled with “Ready to go ice packs” and I even filled 3 gallon jugs and froze them so I can periodically swap them when ever it was time to swap and re-freeze. The outcome was a 6point drop and managed to get a 79° reading with a 46% humidity, the fan that helps push the cold air has a bit of a kick and helps circulate air in the tent which makes me feel molding and rot won’t be a factor, and the air is most definitely not being aimed at the buds. The Exhaust fan is fixed on the tent as well and I placed the fan on a vent that leads outside my house to release air from the tent. My only worry… is 78-79 to hot for the dry at 46-47% humidity level? I’m considering adding another styrofoam ac to bring it down some but during the night the temp drops natural to 71-73.. should I play it safe? This happens to be one of my biggest first grows I have ever done lol so any advice is greatly appreciated!

  9. Over complicated just hang it in a spot that's between 60f- 68f with humidity roughly 55% 10 days trim then in the jar burping twice daily

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