91 additional drug convictions connected to officer charged in Harding Street raid to be overturned

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced Thursday that nearly 100 more defendants who were convicted as part of a case made by former Houston …


  1. Burn this guy alive he screwed so many ppl out precious time and money out their lives now the question is how many other dirt bags are there on hpd like this guy ??

  2. u all people who make comments here are just a bunch of cowards, no 1 is going to do a damn thing about it what so ever.

  3. The Houston Police Department will be paying for this for a long time this guy was a total disgrace to the badge he should be locked up for life no parole

  4. And I’m 100% certain that all 91 of those individuals who are having their convictions overturned are completely innocent of any wrongdoing. Now, I’m in the market for buying a large bridge in San Francisco. Can anyone help me?

  5. This officer was an absolute disgrace to the badge absolutely the worse to be in the force ,
    of course all those people should have their convictions overturned and be released, the man is a liar a conman and a fixer smh , any police officer/ or correctional officer that abuses his/her position should be penalised, the world has to many corrupt officials in place some in high positions of authority that have destroyed ordinary people’s lives and got away with it because they can , and never any accountability .😒

  6. THROW THAT HORRIBLE GERALD GOINES AND HIS HENCHMEN IN PRISON FOR LIFE! Put 'em in general population and let's see how effing tough they are!

  7. Anytime there is an officer involved shooting involving the Houston police Department. The prosecutors office needs to review all bodycam and investigate. Because the chief is a LIAR. Police cannot police themselves.

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