5 years after legalized pot, what's changed in Colorado?

Mark Curtis went to Denver to see how legal marijuana has changed the revenue, road safety, potency and childhood use in Colorado.


  1. No way! Keep it illegal in Arizona so that when people get arrested for possession, the treatment facilities can make money on it when the judge tells the offender they have a choice of treatment or incarceration.

  2. More money coming in, not a soul dead from cannabis, and less people using heroin and meth. (Or would be, if we had a complete wall, since heroin and meth come from Mexico)

    Nobody wants to hear from the concerned mother, with irrational, ignorant of facts fear. Or the pediatric toxicologist, since it's a 21 and up product we're talking about here and his input would be irrelevant as asking about alcohol. Why don't you ask him about cigarettes you can get at 18? When are we gonna see a video about alcohol and cigarettes that some expert in pediatric gynecology is going to enlighten us on?
    The state trooper is probably a never-Trumper neo-con that is mad Trump wants to pull our troops out of war, however we love our police and he might come around. Cannabis is safer than coffee and doughnuts.
    (People actually die from caffeine overdoses and heart disease from unhealthy food, unlike cannabis which no one on earth has died from ever.)


    So we don't really care what those "afraid" people think, people that suffer from irrational fears and are paralyzed by them.
    Those are the people we want TO STOP giving their opinions about things they know little about, and terrifying the rest of the community with lies and some puritan agenda.

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