5 Ways You Can MAKE MONEY On YouTube in 2019 💰

There’s this rumor going around that it’s the act of posting videos on YouTube that makes money. After all, it IS content creation. But the truth is that Adsense, that …


  1. Thx🤔. I’d like to review products and services unique to me dealing with technology for fun, health and making life easier. I guess affiliates would be the way to go. I wonder if I can get tech companies to send me free products to review? May I ask how much you make, over $100k a year ??

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  3. Thanks for the tips. I have a tad bit of advice. If you are making a video and are going to be the same distance away from the camera, turn the auto-focus sensitivity down or turn it off all together. It's a little distracting.

  4. This is all sounds great for content providers who started there channels back in 2007 but try and start a channel from scratch now in almost 2020 coming soon….its almost impossible to get known with all the new politically correct BS that has spawned since 2016.

    Sorry but You Tube has become a free speech liberal hack machine and unless your posting videos about pop tarts and saving animals………..Forget about being rich mates.

    That train has come and gone sadly…………………..but hey get ready to become famous and rich on a new platform there are many others popping up so RUN RUN RUN away from this old dead horse its not worth the aggravation trust me.

    I know many content providers who worked damn hard for years to get to 1 or 2 million subscribers to there channels just to have the You Tube liberal biased PC police f—ks ban them in seconds.

    They lost everything just with one single video………..You Tube/Google/Algorithms makes for pure bias BS. Cheers

  5. Trena I have a channel and did not film for 2 years do to a illness. I'm ready to come back and want to share this and what has worked for me . I need your one on one help please.

  6. Thanks A Lot Trena i am just getting started on youtube , can u make a video on top niche's which can be monetized(we can easily sell products in later phase) on youtube ? , i am a coder but not sure what would people like to watch .

  7. Great tips! How many subs would you say you need to have before your affiliate links actually start being used? I'm new – I have AZ Affiliate links – but it is cricket central..ha!

  8. I've had affiliate links for a number of years but it's a small fraction of Adsense. One of my goals this year is to develop one or more products to start to build a business around my channel.

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