5 things that changed my mental health for the better

hi bbs! sorry for my mini hiatus D: I explain my petty reason as to why at the beginning of this video. today i wanna talk about some things that have legitimately …


  1. @ Jazmine Garcia I love your sweat shirt. Im a big fan of Christopher Lee's Dracula and Hammer studio flicks from back in the 1950's-70's.

  2. HUM’s big chill pill has helped me tremendously with my anxiety! It definitely hasn’t fully cured it but it stopped the daily panic attacks I was having

  3. Jazzzy, baby, you’re not alone in this. I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person that thinks you’re freaking amazing!! Lol
    I lost my mother in 2016 and yes it’s true, nothing gets easier without your best friend. I was always like “she’s missing out on this” or “I wish she could enjoy this” but the thing about it is, I started enjoying those things for her. I started doing things that I know she’d like to do and I enjoyed that for her because whenever I do those things I think of her and it almost feels like my mom is there in spirit to share that moment with me. I’m glad you’re talking about mental health & you’re stronger than the curveballs life’s going to throw at you. ♥️

  4. Awesome video and good recommendations! I agree especially with the fitness aspect. There’s nothing more refreshing than a good workout. 🤙🏼

  5. I have been tossing around the idea about going to see a therapist. Im 32, almost 33, and i have bouts of depression that just take me out of absolutely everything in my life. When that happens it is like I'm not even alive. I am just existing and I am stuck in every bad thought/decision I have ever had/made wondering how to fix it, and even if I know the answer, I am too mentally drained to implement the solution.

  6. Really appreciate the honesty and openness about stuff that so many people struggle with. This kind of content keeps people watching and engaged because so many of us can relate. Nice job!

  7. Hey not to be in your buisness but only because he was your roommate is Riley still involved with your life? By the way I would love to see a video about your dogs and how you got to keep one of them from fostering 🥰✨

  8. What keeps you in check to crush your goals?? I’ll maintain something for a few days to week then completely lose focus. This then leads to how do you maintain working out/being active and eating well?

    Everyday I have been taking a 30 min walk over lunch, which has helped my mental health a lot. I have this 5 year journal book that you jot down a few sentences everyday. I use to write something memorable of the day, but with this time that I am going through, I’ve been writing a lot of negative things. I’ve been working over the last few weeks to write what I’m grateful for, whether it be having food on my plate or being able to fill up my car with gas.

  9. You and I have so much in common within everything you've said has helped you. Literally everything. I deal with bipolar disorder, major depression, and anxiety and it's been REAL. Im turning 30 this year and I have been trying to foreal turn things around for my health. My cat has helped me so much. My husband is my rock. I love your honesty with weed helping you because it's been helping me get through so much too. This video is SO refreshing and inspiring! Thank you love. You're doing awesome! And your not alone! Besitooos 😘😘

  10. Love this content , my biggest thing has been getting off of the fucking pill!!!! birth control literally wrecked my mental health for 5 years and i didn’t know that it was causing it and i got off the pill and it’s been a month and i feel more myself than i have in years.

  11. Along with each of the ones that you mentioned – staying hydrated has helped me a ton. It’s an easy goal for me to feel like I’ve accomplished something each day and I’ve heard from my therapist that it’s not uncommon for dehydration to mimic or trigger anxiety/depression symptoms.

  12. It’s great that you recognize issues and take steps to correct. Very admirable. I wish you went out more even though being alone is relaxing at times.

    You should travel for meetups with your subscribers in December! But, understandable with what you prefer. To a good year for you Jaz!

  13. When you said “girl, or guy” I was like passively listening and I thought you said “orgi” like multiple orgasms. Like “cacti” is multiple cactus. Then I realized what you actually said and I realized my mind is in the gutter 😂

  14. I can relate to the depression around the holidays.. I lost my mom to a car accident Nov. 10, 2016 and it still affects me.

  15. yes yes yes to therapy 💗 i started going after a breakup in summer but there are so many other things she’s helped me with already

  16. Thank you for being so real with this ❤️ My dogs have helped me so so much. I don’t know where I would be without them.

  17. This is going to make such a difference to my life. I love you so much thank you❤️❤️❤️

  18. I can certainly relate to pets helping with my mental health. My pooch has the ability to cheer me up just by licking me on my nose! In terms of bereavement, my father passed away 27 years ago this year and I still get sad about it and feel the loss of things he missed out on. I'm not saying this to make you feel worse, more to reassure you it's okay. The loss we feel reflects the love we have/had for the person 🙂

  19. Wow I am so grateful that you shared your mental health journey with us. Lots of ppl don’t like to show that side of them. Thank you. I started to go to therapy for my mental health this year. It’s different but I hope it helps me.

  20. Reading has helped me a ton. Whether it be a fiction book that i can put myself into and act as if I’m a character in the book instead of where I am in life right now, or a self help book that maybe I don’t follow every piece of advice from but its full of positivity and helps redirect your thoughts.

  21. I hit a rut in late December and early January myself. Got too far into my own head. I have found school and heavy metal music to be a great way to alleviate negative feelings.

  22. I lost my mom too in November to cancer and it’s been rough. I’m 24 close to your age! Anything would help. I am so sorry we are here for you. I’d like to see more grief video and coping if you don’t mind.

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