1. There's something about Runny-san's videos that make me feel relaxed and good inside. Watching them should be classed as a form of meditation.

  2. So the first one was cooked for 4 min, the 2nd for 7 min … how long was the hard boiled cooked for? Didn't mention it AFAIK.

  3. I'm almost afraid to tell you, I don't much like eggs. I mean I almost can't stand them! So hard boiled, chopped fine~mixed with a bit of mustard and mayo and a drop or two of sweet pickle juice and I'll devour it. But plain? Never.
    Apparently I'm a bit odd, HAHAHA 🤣🙃😁
    As always,
    Jenn in Canada 🇨🇦

  4. I only like runny and soft boiled eggs. Hard boiled eggs give me the sensation of trying to eat peanut butter…I don't like the texture of swallowing it. Love the video! My times differ slightly because I start timing from when the water boils crazy. So runny egg would be 1 minute for me, soft boiled would be 2 minutes and hard boiled 3 minutes.

  5. I like my eggs when the yolk is still runny. I love dipping bread in the yolk.
    In Germany we often eat boiled eggs for breakfast.

    I love your videos runny-san, even though I miss your Ordering-Video ^.^/

  6. Soft boiled are my fave for regular eating–my brother and i called them "banana eggs" as children because they were so bright yellow

  7. Thanks for this clear tutorial! No wonder all my onsen tamago came out hard!
    In America and I think Europe, what you call a runny boiled egg is what we call a soft boiled egg. The one in the middle is just kind of half-way hardboiled, and the other is obviously a hardboiled egg.

  8. Thank you for making this video. Perfect timing I've been practicing how to soft boil eggs. Now I know to cook on medium-low and not medium-high.

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