3 Things You MUST Know Before Buying an LED Grow Light 🌱💡

LED grow lights are some of the most confusing pieces of grow technology on the market, and made more so by LED manufacturers purposefully confusing …


  1. Cool Video, the first part was informative however you cannot compare input power to output power, and the quality of the LED will also determine light output/heat/ power usage etc.. The input power is not simply spread over the LEDs, there are components internally that are converting the AC to DC, then the LEDs use the DC power. The input is AC and the output is DC. I agree their numbers are probably misleading however the input power, as you stated, is the power being drawn from the outlet at 110V AC. The output power in DC can be much higher, this is evident in any computer or cell phone charger where the AC current draw is much lower than the DC current output. This is also true for LED replacement bulbs for incandescent bulbs, a 60W incandescent will draw over 0.6 amps whereas a LED 60W equivalent will only use around 8W or 0.08 amps.

  2. Plants use ALL frequencies of light. You are demonstrating old tech LED lighting. White light is far superior to a mix of just a few red and blue spectrums. You are WAAAAAY behind the curve in this industry. You don't offer very helpful info. That LED fixture you have is a real piece of garbage compared to white light LEDs.

  3. For casual use—particularly for ornamental house plants—is there any reason that I shouldn’t just use white consumer LEDs so I can supplement light for my plant in a dark corner while keeping an aesthetic environment for humans?

  4. one thing you forgot about is that your led lights also have fans that are drawing power as well so you need to subtract them from your calculations.

  5. Hey Kevin great video! Have you checked out or heard of Timber Grow Lights? They're based in Poway and I was taking a look at a few of their offerings but wanted to know if you have any experience!

  6. Wonderfully explained bud, I cultivated the subscribe button with TLC, then sprinkled a little bit of resonance vortex water on it. 😉

  7. What do you think about CLW solarsytem 550? If i upgrade should i go the 1100 with uvb? or should i got the new zeus 600w pro with the growers choice controller for similar control like the 1100?
    Please dont leave me hangin brotha im i new sub.

  8. As a beginner, this video was soooo helpful! Especially the beginning. QUESTION: Where do we find the table of PPFD charts? Is it usually on the manufacturers website or in the description of the product?

  9. super helpful! one thing i don't understand: why are the numbers in black (24'') are actually higher than red (12'') on the edges (3 feet away)???

  10. I understand it a lot more. But still requires me to figure out if my lights are worth a piss… I think I'm gonna switch back to 4ft T5s. Nice, even, distributed light across a ton of space and agromax has some bitchen grow bulbs for every stage of growth

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